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Twenty-Six teams crowned Champions at Colorado Soccer Association Fall Championships



Arsenal Colorado Academy 06 (14UG) celebrate their State Cup title win over Real Colorado National at Aurora Sports Park on Sunday, September 29, 2019. 

By: Colorado Soccer Communications

AURORA, Colorado (Oct. 2, 2019) - Colorado State Cup, Presidents Cup and Centennial Cup all came to an end on Sunday, September 29, 2019 crowning a total of 26 Champions at Aurora Sports Park.

Heading to Norco, California for the 2020 Far West Presidents Cup regional tournament will be 13U - 18U Presidents Cup Champions. That event will be held June 8-14, 2020. In addition, the winners of the 12U State Cup will advance to the 2020 Mountain Pacific Championships, held at the same location as Far West Presidents Cup. As for all 13U - 19U State Cup Champions, they will be traveling to Boise, Idaho for the 2020 Far West Regionals, to be held June 15-21, 2020. There is no regional or national event for Centennial Cup winners. 

State Cup 

COPY_12UB CasaCOPY_12UB Rapids

12U Boys 

Champions: CASA FC Thunders (2008) 

Finalists: Colorado Rapids North 08 Select

COPY_12UG Real ColoradoCOPY_12UG Arsenal

12U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado 08 National 

Finalists: Arsenal Colorado Academy 08

COPY_14UB Real ColoradoCOPY_14UB Broomfield

14U Boys

Champions: Real Colorado National 06

Finalists: Broomfield Blast SC 06 Prestige

COPY_14UG Arsenal Colorado

COPY_14UG Real Colorado

14U Girls

Champions: Arsenal Colorado Academy 06

Finalists: Real Colorado National 06

COPY_15UG BroomfieldCOPY_15UG FC Boulder

15U Girls

Champions: Broomfield Blast SC 05 Prestige 

Finalists: FC Boulder 05 Academy Black

COPY_16UG Real ColoradoCOPY_16UG Westminster

16U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado National 04

Finalists: Westminster Soccer Club 04 Orange

COPY_17UG Fire FCCOPY_17UG Arsenal

17U Girls

Champions: Fire FC Premier 03

Finalists: Arsenal Colorado Academy 03

COPY_18UG BroomfieldCOPY_18UG Real Colorado

18U Girls

Champions: Broomfield Blast SC 02 Prestige

Finalists: Real Colorado National 02

COPY_19UG Real ColoradoCOPY_19UG Rapids

19U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado National 01/02

Finalists: Colorado Rapids South 01/02 Select 


Presidents Cup

COPY_12UB Rapids CentralCOPY_12UB Colorado United

12U Boys

Champions: Colorado Rapids Central 08 Select A 

Finalists: Colorado United 08 White

COPY_12UG Real ColoradoCOPY_12UG Colorado United

12U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado 08 Red 

Finalists: Colorado United 08 White

COPY_14UB Colorado RapidsCOPY_14UB Skyline

14U Boys

Champions: Colorado Rapids South 06 Select

Finalists: Skyline Soccer 06 Academy 

COPY_14UG Rapids FCCOPY_14UG Rapids North

14U Girls

Champions: Colorado Rapids FC 06 Select 

Finalists: Colorado Rapids North 06 Select

COPY_15UG Real Colorado EdgeCOPY_15UG Colorado Rush PSD
15U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado Edge Select 05

Finalists: Colorado Rush PSD 05

COPY_16UG Real Colorado EdgeCOPY_16UG Norco Rush

16U Girls

Champions: Real Colorado Edge Select 04

Finalists: Norco Rush 04 Blue

COPY_17UG Colorado UnitedCOPY_17UG St.Vrain FC

17U Girls

Champions: Colorado United 03 White

Finalists: St. Vrain FC 03 Green

COPY_18UG RapidsCOPY_18UG Pride SC Copa

18U Girls

Champions: Colorado Rapids Central 02 Select

Finalists: Pride SC Copa 02

COPY_19UG Rapids Castle RockCOPY_19UG St.Vrain FC

19U Girls

Champions: Colorado Rapids Castle Rock 01 Select 

Finalists: St. Vrain FC 01 Green


Centennial Cup

COPY_12UB North Denver Rush AcademyCOPY_12UB Rapids Central

12U Boys

Champions: North Denver Rush Academy Blue 08

Finalists: Colorado Rapids Central 08 Burgundy A

COPY_12UG Pride SC RedCOPY_12UG North Denver Rush

12U Girls

Champions: Pride SC Red 08

Finalists: North Denver Rush Academy Blue 08

COPY_14UB Wheat Ridge AvalancheCOPY_14UB Real Colorado Edge

14U Boys

Champions: Wheat Ridge Avalanche 2006 Platinum

Finalists: Real Colorado Edge Legends 06

COPY_14UG Denver KickersCOPY_14UG Rapids Central

14U Girls

Champions: Denver Kickers Red 

Finalists: Colorado Rapids Central 06 Burgundy 

COPY_15UG Denver KickersCOPY_15UG B-Elite Denver

15U Girls

Champions: Denver Kickers Red

Finalists: B-Elite Denver 05 B

COPY_16UG Colorado UnitedCOPY_16UG Vail Valley

16U Girls

Champions: Colorado United 04 Crimson

Finalists: Vail Valley SC U16 Navy

COPY_17UG Broomfield Blast ThunderCOPY_17UG Real Colorado

17U Girls

Champions: Broomfield Blast SC 03 Thunder

Finalists: Real Colorado Gold 03

COPY_19UG Colorado Hawks BoomCOPY_19UG Denver Kickers

19U Girls

Champions: Colorado Hawks Boom 

Finalists: Denver Kickers Red 


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