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[ESPAÑOL] 2019/20 Reglas de Juego: Cambios y Modificaciones explicadas por Javier Arellano

Ahora puedes aprender y enterarte de los nuevos cambios e modificaciones en las reglas de juego IFAB 2019/2020 explicadas en español con claridad y videos de demostración. Disfruta, comparte e informate. Serie de Videos en Español: Haz CLICK Aqui Para mas information sobre el futbol en Colorado, síguenos en nuestras redes sociales de Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.

Twenty-Six teams crowned Champions at Colorado Soccer Association Fall Championships
Colorado State Cup, Presidents Cup and Centennial Cup all came to an end on Sunday, September 29, 2019 crowning a total of 26 Champions at Aurora Sports Park. Read full article to find out which teams will be heading to regional competitions in 2020.
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QRT Fall 2019 - Law 16: The Goal Kick

SDI - QRT Fall2019 - Law 16 GKb
2019/20 IFAB changes to LAW 16 - The Goal Kick Referees must review and be confident in all restarts. The goal kick is now in play when it is kicked and clearly moves. Recently IFAB issued a clarification due to incidents not anticipated by the law change - goalkeeper cannot "lift" ball to teammate who then heads the ball back so the keeper can put the ball into play with their hands - not allowed, but not penalized. Simply retake the kick properly!
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2019/20 IFAB Laws of the Game: Changes Explained by Esse Baharmast

Colorado Soccer Association, Director of Referees Esse Baharmast, explains with clarity and examples the new changes for the 2019/20 IFAB Laws of the Game. Click on the various links provided below to be directed to valuable resources regarding the new changes.
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The Build Out Line - Fall 2019 QRT

SDI - QRT FALL2019 - Build Out Line
Information Update - Fall 2019 Please review this important clarification for managing play in 7v7 games where the build out line is used. The IFAB changes to Law 16 are in in effect and this impacts management of the build out line on goal kicks in 7v7 play.
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Spring Season 2019 Feedback From The Fields

SDI - QRT 2019 - Spring Season Feedback
Preparing for our games & reflecting on our performance to improve is part of our job as referees!
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Become A Soccer Referee

Get The Best Seat on The Pitch Become A Referee! Work outdoors Exercise Flexible schedule Financially rewarding Builds character & develops life skills Provide a safe, fair & fun game for everyone Opportunities year round
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