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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do referees get paid and when do they get paid?

Youth league games usually pay either every two weeks (5 times per season) or monthly. Youth tournaments usually pay within two weeks after the event. Adult leagues and tournaments usually pay monthly. However a few events/leagues pay at the end of the season. Check with your assignor as to exactly when your league will pay.  

Spring 2019 Colorado Soccer Association Pay rates and dates

When will I receive my badge and registration card?

Referees will received an electronic confirmation from US Soccer after the registration is processed by the Colorado Referee Administration. If you have not received your badge after 4 weeks, please log into to verify that your mailing address is correct and then contact While you are waiting for your badge to arrive, you can print your own registration card. Your badge will be sent to you by the Colorado Referee Administration - usually within 14 days after your registration has been processed.
Printing Your Own Registration Card & History
All registered Officials can go to the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program National Registration database to download or print their own registration card for the current year. Officials can also see their entire registration history.  Instructions can be found here.

I registered for a class, but my schedule changed. Am I able to transfer to another class?

Yes, but only in the same education year. Please send an email to with the class you are currently registered in, and the class that you want to register for, and we will transfer you to the class you prefer.


How often do I have to certify as a referee?

Referee certifications expire annually on December 31 of each year. Referees are responsible for taking recertification courses and meeting the requirements of their referee grade level each year. Referees with expired certification cannot be assigned to work games until they have met the annual requirements of their referee grade. There are specific courses and requirements for every referee grade. Find Recertification Courses Here 



What do the referee grades mean?

When a referee holds a particular license (or grade) the grade indicates the qualification of the referee to officiate at various levels of local, national and international soccer competition. Each referee grade is assigned by USSF depending on each individual referee's level of training.

How are the referee grades managed at the national and state level?

US Soccer manages and selects Grade 1-5 referees. Referees with a Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 license are selected and managed by the Colorado Referee Committee.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Referees: 

A Grade 1 International Referee and Grade 2 International Assistant Referee, is a member of the group of officials who have demonstrated exceptional ability as Grade 3 Professional Official or Grade 4 National Official. The Grade 1 and Grade 2 referee is the best-of the-best and is considered a member of an elite group of officials who are selected by US Soccer, and regularly assigned to the highest level of professional and international soccer match play.

Grade 3 Referees:

A Grade 3 Professional Official is selected by US Soccer after the referee has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 4 National Official. US Soccer recommends that the Grade 3 official be regularly assigned to professional soccer matches.

Grade 4 Referee: 

A Grade 4 National Official is a referee who has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 5 National Candidate. Grade 4 referees are regularly assigned to the most competitive national events and leagues, as well as professional matches.

Grade 5 National Candidate Referee:

A Grade 5 National Candidate has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 6 State Referee. Depending on the selection process, US Soccer recommends that a Grade 5 National Candidate be assigned to the most competitive national events and leagues, as well as lower level professional soccer matches.

Grade 6 (State) Referee:

A Grade 6 referee is able to officiate the most competitive soccer matches within their state or region. Grade 6 Referees must meet specific requirements set by the Colorado Referee Administration under guidelines from US Soccer. 

Grade 7 Referee:

A Grade 7 referee is able to officiate amateur adult soccer matches. Grade 7 Referees must meet specific requirements set by the Colorado Referee Administration under guidelines from US Soccer. 

Grade 8 Referee:

A Grade 8 Referee is the entry-level referee who is prepared to officiate competitive youth soccer matches.This is usually the entry point for new referees who are over age 14. Grade 8 Referees can work any youth recreational or competitive match based on age, ability and experience as the center referee or the assistant referee. Experienced Grade 8 referees may also work adult recreational matches. The entry level course is equivalent to 17 hours of training -- 5 hours of field training and 12 hours of online classroom or a combination of online and in-person classroom. 

Grade 9 Referee:

A Grade 9 Referee is prepared to officiate small-sided and recreational soccer matches. In Colorado, this referee is the center referee for recreational games, and may also be assigned to work small-sided lower level competitive games as the assistant referee.  The Colorado Referee Committee offers an online course for new Grade 9 referees with an optional field training session. 



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