Referee Education


Instruction Program

State Director Of Instruction: Denise Duran

Learning Coordinator, Assistant to the SDI - Deanna Duncan-Allen



Education is the key to success for the Colorado Referee Program.

A variety of programs are offered throughout the year to enhance learning opportunities and share experiences with referees of all levels and abilities. New referees begin their training through the Colorado Learning and Registration Management website. Courses are offered throughout the year. Referee candidates can choose from a variety of options to best meet their needs. 

Each referee course is a combination of online learning and on-the-field training and assessment. To learn more about entry level courses - please click here

CLUBS - How to Request a Grassroots Referee Course / Live Training (Field) Session

Live training for referees through field sessions is the key to creating successful referees. The Colorado Referee Administration can't do that without the assistance of Colorado Soccer Association clubs, tournaments and teams throughout the state. Your club can help by sponsoring a 6- hour Live Referee Field Training session. To request a session, please fill out a request form at the link below.

Click Here to request a course for your club










Colorado Instructor Resources

The Colorado Referee Administration has a variety of resources available for instructors. 

Click on any of the links below to access Instructor Resources

Colorado Referee Program YouTube Channel - Co Referee Instruction


Grassroots Referee In-Person Field Training Course

Field Training Stations