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Pro Div II Fitness Requirements

USL (Professional Division II) Fitness Requirements


U.S. Soccer has set fitness standards that you should be training to pass.  While you all are probably training for a referee fitness test, it may not be these standards, you are receiving this email as encouragement to adjust your training accordingly for the FIFA test requirements.


Referees who want to be considered for assignments for Division II Professional Soccer must pass the fitness test standards as listed here.


  • Referees: FIFA Men’s Referee Test Category 1
  • Repeated Sprint Ability: 6 X 40 meters sprints, 6.00 seconds per trial
  • Interval Test: 40 X 75 meter run / 25 meter walk (10 Laps),  15 seconds per 75 meter run and 18 seconds per 25 meter walk


  • Assistant Referees: FIFA Men’s Assistant Referee Test Category 1
  • Change of Direction Ability (CODA) 10 meters straight X 8 meters left X 8 meters right X 10 meters straight, Maximum 10.00 seconds per trial
  • Repeated Sprint Ability: 5 X 30 meter sprints. 4.70 per trial
  • Interval Test: 40 X 75 meter run X 25 meter walk (10 laps), 15 seconds per 75 meter run and 20 seconds per 25 meter walk
Referees who have passed the FIFA Men's test will have priority for assignments by the National Assignors.  If you have passed the FIFA Men's test this year, we welcome you to help proctor the test.
Please train and be ready to test if you want to be considered to work this level of game.  We don't want anyone to risk an injury by not preparing for this vigorous test.
Training Resources at these links:

FIFA Referee - Men's AR Category 1


Download the mp3 to your device for training.


Additional FIFA Training resources on YouTube:
Running - Straight Ahead. Part 1 of the FIFA F-Marc "11+" warm-up series begins with the initial stage of the running section. The expert-developed warm-up programme ...
FIFA 11 Referee Manual

This document has further information to go with the FIFA YouTube.  Train accordingly, warm up, rest, and recover, it's all part of preparing for the test.  


Questions please let us know, watch for updates to be announced about testing dates & locations.