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High School Soccer Officials


How to Become a High School Soccer Referee

You must be a member of HSSO to officiate high school varsity soccer matches in Colorado.

You must be a USSF registered soccer official, grade 8 or better, to join HSSO and be a high school soccer official.

It is strongly suggested that you have at least one year of experience doing USSF youth or adult games before becoming a high school soccer referee.

If you have just become a USSF grade 8 official and decide to join HSSO without one year of USSF experience, you will only be permitted to do junior varsity (JV) games for the first year. After one year as a JV official you must pay for and complete an on-field evaluation prior to moving to varsity games.

CHSAA is a member of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). Therefore, HSSO is not directly affiliated with USSF. However, HSSO maintains a liaison with USSF through an ex-officio position on the Colorado Referee Advisory Committee.

HSSO dues are separate from the USSF registration, and dues are payable to HSSO when the application for membership is made. An application form for HSSO membership is here 

  1. The HSSO school year covers the fall season (boys) and spring season (girls). There is only one dues payment for a full year.
  2. Membership for a school year usually closes after March 1. The next cycle of membership then starts by March 15.
  3. Registration as a High School Soccer official requires each individual member to:
    • Pay dues each year as set by the HSSO Board;
    • Take a test and obtain a minimum acceptable score based on membership level;
    • Attend a preseason clinic, and for new members, a new HSSO member clinic, in which

the differences in administration of high school soccer games is discussed;

  • Sign each year a Code of Ethics statement required by CHSAA.
  1. When registration is complete (including, but not limited to, attending a class, taking the test, and providing a signed Code of Ethics statement) an HSSO badge for the school year will be provided, and assignors will be notified that you are a current member of HSSO.
  2. HSSO members are independent contractors with the schools or leagues that they work games for and are thus responsible for managing all aspects of that status.
  3. HSSO does not enter into assignment, payment, or other issues or disputes; the member must pursue actions with the schools (or assignors) as is appropriate.
  4. High School Soccer Officials are expected to provide the schools with professional and responsible referees for their games.
  5. Matters of conduct, including rules interpretation, on-field judgments, behavior, and other referee actions may be subject to review by CHSAA and the HSSO Board.
  6. Questions by referees regarding on-field issues may be directed to the Rules Interpreter for HSSO, but, any resulting advice or comments will not provide a basis for overturning any decisions or judgments made at the time of the game.