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US Soccer Grade 9 Recreational Referee Course

Colo Rec Ref v1
Courses for the 2017-18 Referee Education Year are now Open
The purpose of the U.S. Soccer Grade 9 Recreational Referee Course is to prepare officials for the recreational and small-sided youth game.  Based on the level of training provided, U.S. Soccer recommends that these officials be assigned accordingly to best serve the game.
Upon completion of the US Soccer Grade 9 Recreational Referee Course, New Colorado Grade 9 referees will be assigned as the CENTER REFEREE on small-sided (7v7, 9v9) recreational and lower-level competitive games. 

In Colorado the Recreational Referee Course consists of on-line course modules, a 2.5 hour field session and the recreational referee test. Future referees must complete the on-line modules and pass the test in order to successfully pass the course and be registered with U.S. Soccer.


Total cost of the course is $65 - $25 is for the online training and $40 is for first year registration with US Soccer Federation. Course fees are not refundable.  



Grade 9 Course Instructions:

Step 1: Register for Recreational Referee Course

  • Click this link -

  • Select Sign up For Course from the left side menu

  • Select 2018 US Soccer Grade 9 Recreational Referee Course

  • Click on the COURSE # - Register for the course on the "click here" link underneath the course information. Already have a account? - DO NOT CREATE A NEW ONE - contact  for special instructions

  • Once you have registered and paid, click LOAD SESSION TRACKER which will appear in the middle of the screen. Keep your GameOfficials browser window open.

  • Open a new browser window

  • Click Here to Move to the US Soccer Grade 9 online training modules

  •  Enter "201709" when prompted for clinic #.  Enter your full name at the start of each module. Download, save/print your Certificates of Completion at the end of each module.

Step 2:  After Completion of On-line Course Modules at US Soccer

  • Return to your browser window

  • Log in with your Username & password again if needed

  • Select Confirmed Reg on the main menu

  • Click your course #

  • Load Session Tracker to proceed with complete the remaining course modules & test in the learning system.


Step 3: Field training session

  • Grade 9 referee candidates will attend a 2.5 hour field session. These sessions are usually held Saturdays and Sundays during league and tournament game days. This session may be attended prior to completion of the online portion of the course to best suit a referee candidate's schedule.  This field session is designed to prepare attendees to work as the CENTER REFEREE on games.


You will receive an email confirmation after completion of all steps and when your registration is confirmed with US Soccer.  

Participants will be registered with U.S. Soccer and eligible to referee after completion of all course work. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend a field session and Referee Continuing Education (RCE) events.

You will receive a badge in the mail in approximately 7-10 days and a US Soccer registration card in 6 to 8 weeks.  Your name will be added to the approved referee list and you may contact assignors to begin working games upon receipt of your confirmation email.


Participants between the ages of 12 and 14 must register as Grade 9 referees.  If you are a currently registered grade 9 recreational referee and age 14 you may register for the Colorado "bridge" course to advance to U.S. Soccer Referee (Grade 8)