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Grade 7 to Grade 6


us-soccer-logo  Colorado Referee Program

Grade 7 to Grade 6 Intermediate Course 

U.S. Soccer requirements for the Grade 7 Referee do not require a referee to complete a field assessment, fitness test, or complete continuing/advanced education requirements.  The U.S. Soccer Amateur Adult Referee Training modules that are completed online are the only requirement.


Colorado Referee Program bridges the gap between the Adult Amateur Grade 7 Referee and Grade 6 State Referee with additional requirements to better prepare our Grade 7 referees who are working to advance to State Referee level.


The Colorado Referee Grade 7 Intermediate Course is designed with requirements for current Grade 7 referees to meet as a pre-requisite before submitting their intention to upgrade and requesting formal assessments.  It is recommended to complete the intermediate course requirements within a 6 month time frame so referees can move to the state upgrade process. However the Intermediate course requirements do not “expire” and may be completed more than once if a referee would like.  The Colorado Grade 7 Intermediate Course is required for those planning to upgrade to State Referee and will better prepare the referees for the next level for their success.


Intermediate Course Requirements

Minimum Age 17
Game Experience

15 Amateur Games - Referee

10 Amateur Games - AR

Grade Experience  Grade 8 - minimum 2 years
Training U.S. Soccer Amateur Adult Referee Online Training Modules
Laws of the Game Test Grade 7 Laws of the Game Test
Fitness Test Colorado Modified FIFA Intervals & Sprints*
Practical Evaluation

1 On Field Assessment

Referee - game from approved list of options**

Continuing Education 5 hours annually***


  • Fitness Test - Grade 7

    150 x 50 meter Intervals - timing 45 sec x 45 sec

    40 meter sprints x 6


** On field practical evaluations (assessment) can be requested for games assigned in the identified leagues on the assessment page, and must be the appropriate length of game for the approved competition.  Assessments should be planned for games of regulation length - 2 x 45 min halves, or 2 x 40 min if Developmental Academy game.


*** Continuing Education - can include trainings in the classroom, on field, online, webinars, conference calls and education/instructional events attended in other states.



  • Many referees in Colorado who service the amateur leagues benefit from the Amateur Adult Referee protocol set by U.S. Soccer.


  • Grade 7 Intermediate Course will prepare the referees who want to move to the next level to be successful upgrading to the State Referee level.


  • Referees transferring to Colorado who are a grade 7 based upon the requirements set by U.S. Soccer and supported by their home state association will maintain the grade 7 and will need to comply with the CO Referee Intermediate course requirements if planning to pursue an upgrade in Colorado to grade 6.


  • Grade 7 Academy Intermediate Courses will be opened twice a year for current grade 7 referees.
    • July to December to prepare for a mid-year upgrade to State Referee
    • January to June to prepare for an upgrade in the next U.S. Soccer registration year
    • Note - Intermediate Course requirements never expire, and may take longer than 6 months should situations arise where a referee is unable to finish in the 6 month block.


Referees can submit request for upgrade to State referee following completion of the Intermediate Course components.


Submit your request to complete the Colorado Grade 7 Intermediate Course.  Your application will be reviewed, approved and you will be provided the access code to register and complete the Intermediate Course.


US Soccer – Grade 7 to Grade 6 Upgrade Requirements

The purpose of the Grade 6 Referee Course is to prepare officials for the most competitive matches within their state & region.  Based on the level of training provided, U.S. Soccer recommends that these officials be assigned accordingly to best service the game.

Upgrade Procedure

The Referee must notify the State Director of Assessment (SDA) of his/her intent to upgrade in writing. As part of this notice, the referee should include a match count log verifying the game requirements are met and confirming that the referee has been active as a grade 7 referee for at least 12 months. 


Grade 7 to 6 upgrade application

Colorado – Grade 6 Referee Upgrade Requirements


Colorado Requirement



- Minimum age 18

Determined by State Association

Previous Game Experience

- Minimum 60 games (cumulative) at U16 or higher as referee

- Minimum 20 (cumulative) Amateur Adult Games as referee

- Assistant Referee – 25 games U16 or higher

50 Games as a Referee/25 Games as an Assistant Referee

Grade Experience

Minimum 1 year as  Grade 7 referee

Minimum 1 year as Grade 7


Complete US Soccer grade 6 State Referee Course

Complete US Soccer Grade 6 State Referee Course

Laws of the Game Test

Pass the US Soccer Grade 6 Test (80%)

Pass the US Soccer Grade 6 Test

Fitness Test*

Pass Colorado Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests

Pass US Soccer Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests


On Field Assessment

2 Assessments as Center Referee that meet sufficient test criteria, 1 assessment must be completed on an adult/amateur game. 

1 Assessment as Assistant Referee that meets sufficient test criteria

Minimum of 2 referee assessments completed by 2 different State Assessors.

*See fitness test info page for specific testing criteria



Upgrade Procedure

The referee must notify the State Director of Assessment (SDA) of his/her intent in writing.  As a part of this notice, the referee should include a match county log, which documents that the referee has met the minimum match requirements and confirms that the referee has been active as a grade 7 Referee for at least 12 months.



The match log* should included the following information.

Match Date

Match Location

Competition Level

Referee Crew Names

Home Team

Visiting Team



A copy of the Referee’s Game Schedule History from will suffice in lieu of a match game log if the referee prefers, provided it will document the information required.


The referee must also notify the assignor of record that the game will be used for the assessment so that the assignor may keep all parties aware of any potential issues or schedule revisions


Annual Recertification Requirements


Colorado Requirement



- Attend a minimum of 3 RCE (Referee Continuing Education) during the year

- Attend Colorado Referee Development Seminar

Determined by State Association

Laws of the Game Test

Pass the US Soccer Grade 6 Test yearly (80%)

Pass the US Soccer Grade 6 Test

Fitness Test*

Pass Colorado Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests

Pass US Soccer Grade 6 Sprint and Interval Tests

On Field Assessment

Minimum of 2 on-field Referee evaluations each year


Minimum of 2 completed by 2 State Assessors


For The Good of the Game

Participate in and help coordinate on-field mentoring, continuing education as directed.


*See fitness test info page for specific testing criteria



On Field Assessments –

To provide a sufficient test, must be a 90-minute (full 45 min halves) game, unless these are 16U Developmental Academy games. State Director of Assessment will approve the game request prior to the assignment of an Assessor.


Games considered for assessment include:

  • Adult Leagues
  • Developmental Academy 16U/17U/18U
  • Elite Clubs National League Semi-Finals/Finals
  • National Premier League – 17U/18U Semi-Finals/Finals
  • State Cup – 17U/18U Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, Finals
  • Presidents’ Cup 17U/18U Semi-Finals/Finals
  • CSA Champions League 17U/18U


Grade 6 State Referee Fitness Standards

Test Type

Sprint Standard

Interval Standard (run)

Interval Standard (walk)



35 seconds per 150m

40 seconds per 50m


To apply for Grade 7 to Grade 6 Intermediate course, click HERE

To apply for the Grade 7 to Grade 6 upgrade click HERE


Fitness Test Registration Information

Registration is required for each time a test/training date is offered. The fitness test consists of the required sprints and intervals laps set for your referee grade/or upgrade. Grade 7 referees may come to train/practice prior to taking their official upgrade test. Test fee includes cost of the test administrators, athletic trainer/medical staff, and facility costs & is non-refundable

To Register for the Fitness Test, click HERE



To download a copy of the Grade 6 Upgrade requirements, click HERE