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Game Reporting

Game Reporting Procedures


Fall 2019 specific instructions

Click Here for Game Reporting Instructions

Referee Responsibilities

Accurately reporting game scores is an important duty of the referee. Each league has different requirements and you have to check with your assignor on specifics for the league for which you are working. Reporting the game is critical for the leagues (standings and team information) and for referee payroll. It is YOUR responsibility as the Referee on a game to make sure it is reported accurately and within the time frame required.

On this page you will find instructions and helpful information for some of the most popular leagues in the state. To download a copy of these instructions, click the picture of the game card.

Colorado Soccer Association Leagues – Fall 2019

All games must be reported within 24 hours after completion

Game Score Reporting for 2018-19 is the responsibility of ALL referees assigned to match. This will be monitored by the Referee Assignors who will assist CSA with enforcement of these procedures. 


  • Report scores and incidents in After Games within 24 hours after the match. This includes ALL cautions/send-offs, coach/spectator dismissals, weather or serious injury.
    • Cautions (Yellow Cards) / Send-offs (Red Cards), dismissals, or other incidents MUST be reported through INCIDENT REPORTS in After Games.


In, you will enter the information by clicking on the AFTER GAMES tab shown in the left side navigation bar then clicking on the game number and following the prompts.

To Report Games in AFTER GAMES

Reporting in AFTER GAMES is the ONLY way to ensure that all Cautions, Send-Offs, Coach Dismissals, Sit-outs, Injury, Field and Weather Issues are reported to the league authorities. It is also thee way Referee Payroll is prepared and distributed. AFTER GAMES STEP BY STEP

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on AFTER GAMES
  • Click on the GAME NUMBER you need to report
  • Enter the Final Score and click SAVE
  • To Create an Incident Report
  • Click on INCIDENT REPORT – on the right side of your screen across from the game number
  • Select CLICK TO ADD A NEW INCIDENT REPORT and follow the steps. An separate incident report must be created for each caution, send-off, etc during the game. When you print the copy it will combine into one report.


Video - Entering Score in

Video - After Games Entering a Caution

Video - Entering an Incident Report - Detailed


Red Cards / Coach Dismissals – passes and reports

All player or coach passes need to be mailed to the following addresses within 24 hours after the incident. Include a printed copy of the incident report (USSF Supplemental) for tracking purposes. After completing the incident report in AFTER GAMES, you may print a copy by clicking on the PDF icon next to the incident report in AFTER GAMES.

Mail the pass and a copy of the incident report within 48 hours of game completion to:

For CSA Champions League, Centennial League games:

            Colorado Soccer Association  ATTN Katie Shaffer

4643 S. Ulster Street Suite 250

            Denver, CO 80237


For ALL Mountain Region Leagues

            Colorado Soccer Association  ATTN Kristen Carlson

            4643 S. Ulster Street Suite 250

            Denver, CO 80237


For ALL Front Range League games – send the passes and a copy of the incident report to the HOME club for the match. It is the responsibility of the HOME Club to follow up on all send offs and coach dismissals in Front Range League games either by dealing with their own team OR contacting the club administration of the visiting team to report the incident as required.


IF you need additional assistance with game reporting, contact your assignor for assistance.