Finding an Assignor


State Director of Assignment:  Younes Marrakchi


As a USSF Referee, sanctioned games take priority.

Once you have completed your referee courses, you will be offered many opportunities to work games by many different types of assignors. It is important to remember that first, and foremost, your job is to work USSF-sanctioned games through your local leagues and tournaments. High school, college, indoor and recreation association leagues all have opportunities for you to work but your first priority should be games offered to you by US Soccer-sanctioned assignors for CSA league games.   

League Assignments

On completion of your initial clinic and receipt of your USSF referee badge, you should establish communication with an assignor(s) in the areas you want to work and let them know you are a registered USSF referee ready to work.  The assignor will confirm your current registration from the list of referees provided by the State Referee Administrator.  

Click HERE for a list of League Assignors

Communication is key!

Referees must constantly communicate accurate availability to assignors to let them know you are or are not available for games. Assignors may use various systems for scheduling referees. Most assignors in Colorado use – the same system used for the Online Learning and Registration. You DO NOT need to create a new user name and password for each assignor.

Tournament Assignments

Many clubs host sanctioned tournaments.  These are published on the CSA website under Tournaments, and listed on the Event Calendar on this website as well as the CSA website. Contact your local assignor or check the CSA website to find the tournament assignors name. Contact the tournament assignor to let him/her know that you are available to work the tournament.

Click HERE for a list of Colorado Tournament Assignors

State Tournaments

Each year, the Colorado Soccer Association holds state championship tournaments for various youth age groups. To participate as a referee at any of these tournaments, you must be recommended by your assignor, or complete a written application and accepted by the State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA). Contact your assignor and let him/her know that you are interested. Applications will be posted in advance of the tournaments.

Please Note:

In GAMEOFFICIAILS.NET to “Switch” between Assignor Groups - use the ‘Change Identity” feature, and “Switch”, to the group desired.  If you would like to be added to a group, please contact the assignor, and ask them to import your game official account. (Do not create a new account yourself).

Assignment Priority Policies


Responsibility of Assignors:

  • Identify the highly experienced officials on your assignment roster who are likely to be assigned to a higher priority assignment and always be prepared to fill these slots on an emergency basis

  • Cooperate with officials and other assignors on those rare occasions when the game priority policy is invoked

  • Report any concerns to the State Referee Administrator

  • Game Officials Quick Guide for Assignors