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Referee Advancement

Recertification courses for the 2017-18 Referee Education Year will open in AUGUST 2017


Annual Registration

In Colorado, you can access the online Learning and Registration system in Game Officials to renew your certification.

If you do not remember, or do not know your password and user name, contact the CSA Referee Contact to recover that information. If you have a account but are not in group 1279 (Colorado Learning and Registration Group) please contact the State Director of Instruction to be added to the group.

All referees are required to be registered for the current year prior to officiating in any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliated match.

Grades / Fees

Colorado sets annually the registration fees for initial registration, recertification and upgrades for referees, assignors, instructors, and assessors based on what is required from U.S.Soccer, and program expenses. The fees collected by the Colorado Referee Administration help support referee education, technology and professional development opportunities.

Referee Advancement (Upgrade)


Emeritus Referee Status

To become an Emeritus Referee, the official must submit a personal letter of intent to the State Referee Administrator who will then initiate the appropriate paperwork. The official must have held the referee grade in question for a minimum of three years prior to the request. The three years do not have to be consecutive or immediately preceding the request for emeritus status.

For those Emeritus Referees looking to remain active, they must meet the established recertification requirements each year for the level they want to officiate at and adhere to all registration requirements for that grade.

An Emeritus Referee may become reinstated as a referee so long as they meet the established certification requirements and adhere to all registration requirements for that grade.