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Collegiate Soccer Offcials

National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials (NISOA)


The National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA) is an organization of more than 5,000 soccer officials which trains, certifies, and provides qualified soccer referees for the college soccer community throughout the country. The mission of NISOA is to assist in the development of soccer as a major sport in the United States and to improve the quality of officiating at the college and high school levels.

•    To promote and maintain the highest degree of soccer officiating by following a standard set of mechanics, a uniform interpretation, and a consistent administration of the rules of soccer as set forth on the collegiate and high school levels.
•    To have available at all times an adequate number of thoroughly trained and capable officials.
•    To cooperate with organizations and institutions officially related to the game of soccer in furthering its interests and details.
•    To assign only members of this association who are properly certified, trained and registered as a NISOA member.

NISOA is always actively seeking qualified soccer officials to join our organization to serve intercollegiate soccer. We require at least three years of officiating experience at the high school level or higher with particular emphasis on demonstrated experience and capability with the diagonal system of control. All prospective candidates must apply through a local chapter so please contact the local chapter, CISOA, and inquire about membership.

It's expected that all CISOA members display evidence of a personal commitment to giving back to the game of soccer and the refereeing profession. While this is not a written requirement set forth by NISOA, it is implied and it is an expectation in Colorado that advanced referees contribute to the welfare of the soccer referee community. CISOA has a requirement that all new officials must be a minimum of a 07 USSF certified referee.  We do this for several reasons, but mainly is because the college game is the next level to the pro game and thus should expect a higher level of officiating.

Please go to and contact your local chapter. Please note that the CISOA board will have a final vote on the acceptance of the candidate after the assessments have been completed.