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2018 Young Referee of the Year Award


Colorado Soccer Association and the Colorado Referee Administration annually recognize the top young male and female referees in Colorado Soccer with the Young Referee of the Year award. Recipients of this award are honored for their accomplishments as a referee, student and member of the community. Those nominated should be working the highest level tournaments (State Cup and President's Cup) in the state during the nomination process and be prepared/available to attend Regionals and/or Presidents' Cup Regionals if selected as the Colorado Young Referee of The Year. The award is presented each January at the Colorado Soccer Association Annual General Meeting Awards Banquet.

Award Requirements:

An individual may be nominated and selected as the Young Female Referee of the Year or Young Male Referee of the year for extraordinary accomplishments as a young soccer referee if the individual:

      1) was certified as a Federation referee for the seasonal year immediately prior to the seasonal year for which the individual is nominated;

      2) is currently certified as a Federation referee for the seasonal year in which the individual is nominated;

      3) during those two seasonal years, the nominee refereed games primarily for US Youth Soccer, Region IV, Colorado Soccer Association or any member team of those organizations;

      4) did not reach 19 years of age prior to August 1, 2018

The application is available here. Candidates should begin preparing their portfolio in order to be able to submit the information electronically prior to the application deadline.

Components of the application include:

Personal Response Essay:  Please answer questions on the form as directed. They cover the following areas:

1) Personal Development:  How and when did the nominee become involved with soccer? How has soccer shaped his/her character? Does the referee display ethical behavior on and off the field? What steps has the nominee taken to improve his/her referee knowledge of the game?

2) Promoting the Game: What steps has the nominee taken to further advance the game and all who participate? Does the referee participate in soccer outside his/her position as a referee (i.e. player, coach or volunteer)? Has the referee created relationships within the community to promote the game? Please be specific.

3) Involvement in Community: Has the referee demonstrated leadership within the community? Please give examples. What other activities, aside from soccer, is the referee involved in? What impact has his/her involvement had on the community?

Letters of Reference:  Please submit three letters of reference from any of the following (but not limited to): Referee Colleagues, State (Youth) Referee Administrator, Administrators, Current or Past Employers, Assignors. No more than three letters will be accepted. This is in addition to the letter from the person nominating the youth referee for this award.

Photograph of the Nominee: Please submit the following 1) Head Shot (like a senior portrait, passport photo). This is required to be submitted with the nomination packet. 2) Action photo working as a referee (optional but encouraged) JPG format is preferred for all photographs. These will be used in promotional materials and press releases involving the YROY winners. 

The CRA is working hard to ensure that the hard work and dedication of our young referees does not go unnoticed.

2018 Young Referee of the Year Nomination Form / Packet

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: 5 pm Monday October 30, 2018

Application packages should be submitted via email to both of the following addresses  and




Regional Event Referee Applications

Referees applying to attend Regional events should be participating in the local and state competitions leading up to the regional events. Those interested in applying to attend Far West Regional Championships in June 2018 should be working State Cup games in the fall and spring (including preliminary rounds) as well as youth league games during the spring and fall seasons. Those interesting in applying to attend Region IV Presidents Cup in June 2018 should be working State Cup and President's Cup games in the fall and spring as well as regular youth league games throughout the fall and spring season. Those wishing to attend ODP Championships in January 2018 should be working youth league games as well as State Cup and President's Cup competitions prior to applying for the event. Referees must be currently certified to apply for these events.


2018 Region IV FWR Championships Referee Application - due before February 23, 2018

2018 Region IV Presidents' Cup Referee Application - due before February 23, 2018

2019 Region IV ODP Championships Referee Application - due before November 1, 2018