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Colorado Referee Resource Downloads

2018 Youth Referee of the Year Nomination Process


Any referee, referee assignor, assessor, or mentor within the state of Colorado may nominate between one and 10 young referees (ages 19 and younger) to be considered for the 2018 Youth Referee of the Year award. Each candidate application should include the following information:

1. 2018 Youth Referee of the Year Nomination Form (Download Here)

2. One-page letter of recommendation from the nominator.

3. One or more letter(s) from a teacher, pastor, coach, boss, or person who knows the candidate personally and can speak to their integrity, character, and devotion to giving back to the community (optional). 

4. One or more letter(s) from someone in the soccer/referee community who can speak for their work ethic and growth as a referee (optional).

5. One page statement by the nominee on his/her service and accomplishments achieved in soccer, school, and other extra-curricular activities.

6. Short referee bio that includes: 1) First year certified; 2) Highest level tournaments worked; 3) High-level matches worked -- both as an AR and Referee (Top Level Referee experiences/accomplishments); 4) Off-field activities/hobbies/volunteer work; 5) Referee goals and aspirations.

7. Head shot of the nominee must accompany the submission.

All application packets must be submitted on or before November 1, 2017 by email to

Each of the seven application components may be submitted separately, but all must include the nominee's full name/YOTR in the subject line of the email.

All nominees are expected to attend and participate in State Cup for minimum of three competition dates.

Colorado will select one male and one female referee as the Colorado Youth Referee of the Year to continue and represent Colorado at the regional competition in June, 2018.