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Referee Education

This is the spot for Colorado Soccer Referees to learn about educational opportunities


Game Reporting Made Easy

Referee Education


Game Reporting - An Important Part of the Job!

Fall season is in full swing and one important job for referees is accurately reporting game scores and information. This is important for the leagues, teams and for the referees.  

The Colorado Referee Administration has a new video tutorial on our YouTube page to help you know exactly where and how to report your league games.

And the next time you visit YouTube, why not subscribe to the CO Referee Instruction channel. Lots of great videos to help you



New Grade 7 dual track program

Referee Education

Colorado Referee Administration has introduced a two-track advancement program for referees. The Grade 7 program has been divided into the Adult Amateur Referee and the Academy/Advancement Referee tracks as of August 2017.

Creating this two-track program better serves the game and provides greater learning opportunities for referees who want to advance in the game and are working adult matches but may not plan to advance beyond the adult amateur game. 

Every referee benefits from continuing education and the game benefits when referees stretch their skills and abilities through continuing education. To learn more about the new dual-track Grade 7 program as well as other upgrade information, visit the Grade 8 to Grade 7 Upgrade page on