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Become A Referee!

  • Work outdoors
  • Exercise
  • Flexible schedule
  • Financially rewarding
  • Builds character & develops life skills
  • Provide a safe, fair & fun game for everyone
  • Opportunities year round


Register & start your U.S. Soccer certification today!

Two Steps & you are ready to take the the whistle!

  • Part 1 - Online Training 

  • Part 2 - Field Training Session 


All you have to do is click this link to choose an in-person clinic, pay the fees and the system will guide you through the online portion of the course. All online modules must be completed BEFORE attending the field session you have chosen.


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2020 Courses are opening in August 2019.

Need help to find the right course for you, read the course descriptions below.


New Referees

USSF Grassroots Referee requirements


US Soccer Grassroots Referee Course - for those who have never been a US Soccer certified referee
Ages 13 and above

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Pick your course - more are being added on a weekly basis

Get Back on the Field

Have you previously been a US Soccer Registered Referee? Are you ready to return to the field but you missed 2 - 4 years in certifying?  We welcome you back and you can complete the "Lapse in Registration Course" to return as a Grade 8 Referee. Course available beginning in August 2019. Click here to access the course info for lapsed referees

Coach/Former Referee/Have Extensive Soccer Experience

Were you previously a U.S. Soccer Registered Referee five or more years ago? Are you an adult who has coaching experience or an extensive background in soccer beyond playing at the youth level?  We welcome you to the fields as referee and you may qualify for the Colorado "Fast Track" Grassroots Referee Course.   Course available now  Click here to access the course info for coaches and former referees

We have the right course for everyone & we welcome you to join the referee program.  

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Referees are Important to Soccer Success!

The referee's job is to manage the game and enforce the Laws of the Game. Referees must ensure that the game is safe, fair and fun for everyone: players, coaches, spectators, and themselves.  Referees are critical to soccer success, a game cannot be played without them.

How Much Do Referees Get Paid? 


Youth league games usually pay either every two weeks (5 times per season) or monthly. Youth tournaments usually pay within two weeks after the event. Adult leagues and tournaments usually pay monthly. However a few events/leagues pay at the end of the season. Check with your assignor as to exactly when your league will pay.

Fall 2019 Colorado Soccer Association Pay Rates and Pay Dates



Dress for Success


US Soccer Standards of Dress for Referees 2019

New or returning referees will need uniform and equipment items to be ready for games.  Everyone is urged to purchase at minimum the Official Sports International "Starter Kit" to have the basics to get started.  Official Sports is the U.S. Soccer Referee Partner in supplying the official approved uniforms for certified referees.  

Referees are encouraged to have their uniform & equipment basics prior to attending their On Field Training session.  

Lela Marcin, Colorado OSI Representative
Email Lela Marcin
Call Lela Marcin

Lela keeps inventory available here in Colorado.  Contact Lela Marcin for your uniform & equipment questions and to submit orders.

View OSI Products and gear on their website.


When Will My Certification Expire?


  • If you complete your training between Jan 1 and June 30, your registration is good until Dec 31 of the current year.
  • If you complete your training between July 1 and Dec 31, your registration is good until Dec 31 of the next year.



Did you take a course and need to know what to do next?


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