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2018 End of Season Bonus Deadline - June 15, 2018


Spring 2018 “End-of-Season” Bonus Requests Due June 15, 2018

Colorado Soccer Association and the Colorado Referee Committee have approved an “end-of-season” bonus to encourage referees to officiate multiple league matches. Specific details, including the pay chart, of the bonus program are available on the Colorado Referees website -


Qualifying games include those worked in the Colorado Champions League (CCL), Centennial League (CENT), Secondary League (SLA/SLB) and the Mountain Region Leagues (MRL). Front Range League, club in-house games, adult leagues, high school and tournament games DO NOT qualify for the bonus program. Games worked as the center referee or the assistant referee qualify for the bonus program.

Here’s how to claim your bonus:
Click this link to access the electronic form:
1)      Fill out all information required completely
a.      Name (as appears in
b. user name
c.       Email address
d.      Phone number
e.      Game count per league
f.        Assignors worked with for Spring 2018
2)      Submit the form through the site and email the required documentation to by 6/15/18
The form must be submitted by end of business on June 15, 2018. Any requests received after June 15, 2018 will not be processed and paid.  Payment will be made through by Colorado Soccer Association.

Here’s how to collect your game records through
1)      Log in to
2)      Click on Reports (On Main Menu)
3)      Click on Officials Schedule
4)      Date Range - Enter Custom dates 3/1/2018 - 05/27/2018 (Spring Season Dates)
5)      Check both boxes - Include Games From All Groups & Show One Line Per Game (Best for Export)
6)      Change the Report Format to: Microsoft Excel and Click Download
7)      Use the Excel spreadsheet to sort games by league including games with CENT, CCL
SLA/SLB and MRL prefixes.
8)      Copy and paste the data to a new sheet for submission to CSA.
It is your responsibility to complete the form and submit the information by 6/15/2017. CSA nor the CRA have access to all records from all assignor groups. You must keep copies of this log for your records and in case CSA requires additional information regarding your game count for Spring 2018.
Questions about the bonus program?
Please contact Deanna Duncan-Allen  
Questions about creating the report in Please contact your assignor for assistance.